I am a photographer and fine arts conservator with a studio just northwest of Providence in RI.  I have been working in the arts for over 50 years and am a "listed artist".  While restoring paintings is my livelihood, photographing the female figure is my true calling and love.  I am passionate about working with creative models and actors who are uninhibited and enjoy working in a variety of locations and are not afraid of taking risks for art's sake. From body painting, skin stencils, hand-painted back-drops and body calligraphy, boudoir, fine art nudes, pin-ups, retro-fashion, and use of theater props and lighting.  I am constantly seeking new ways of making cutting edge images for models and actors to advance in their careers. Vagabond Image was created solely for this purpose.  My complete portfolio prices are inexpensive and I do TFP (trade for photos) work frequently as fashion trends are always changing.